Port Au Mansa is a personal care brand created with the attribute of empowerment In Stockholm Sweden by Hawsoon Jobe. The brand is fueled by prompting the voices of the forgotten about their strength in regards to constructing their own canvas and being the author of their own story.


The first part, Port- Au is inspired by the capital of Haiti known as Port - Au Prince. The significance of the city lies in the fact that it was among one of the few places where the people were enslaved collectively but successfully revolted against their colonial oppressors. Demonstrating the essence of unity and liberation.

The second part of the name Mansa, is inspired by the West African emperor Mansa Musa, who is regarded to be the wealthiest person to have ever lived. Mansa is remembered for using his wealth to spread knowledge. His legacy lives on along with his influence which is still celebrated within and beyond Africa.